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from Madeline V. Twomey

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We strongly believe that users are not only turning away from linear TV, but increasingly "traditional" digital advertising as well.

That's why we started Rufus And Mane -- not to sell one-size-fits-all solutions to our clients, but to work hand-in-hand with them to innovate their programs with custom strategies. To reach voters and constituents where they are, with content they actually want to engage with.

Since our start, we’ve brought influencer marketing to clients such as the Hub Project and Climate Power, forged fun and engaging partnerships like the Biden campaign’s Fortnite Map, and helped found Gen-Z for Change, a TikTok-first nonprofit.

Finding new ways to reach voters is key to progressives’ success. We're here to help.

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Digital + Paid Media Strategy

Building on our years of experience, we'll assess your existing marketing or paid media strategy -- or craft a new one -- employing best practices to reach your audience with the right content at the right time.

Creator/Influencer Marketing

We'll utilize our relationships and expertise to develop influencer strategies that best reach your goals. We'll help you determine what an influencer partnership looks like, which influencers to reach out to, and how to develop an appropriate content brief and contract.



For funders, we'll analyze the landscape and provide recommendations for innovative digital investment. For organizations, we'll connect you with the right funders to scale your work.



Integrated TV, mail and digital paid advertising for a multi-state accountability campaign.

$24MM x 153 Ads

Brought creators to the White House to celebrate the Inflation Reduction Act.

10 Creators x 5.6MM Combined Followers

Interviewed applicants in an open call for early-stage progressive entrepreneurs.

13 Investments Totaling $1.2M


Rufus And Mane is run by Madeline V. Twomey, a strategist who helps progressive nonprofits level-up their digital communications.

Whether she's helping a voter registration organization invest $5MM into digital advertising for the first time, or using the power of influencer marketing to bring the Biden campaign over the finish line, Madeline has a deep, holistic understanding of the digital world we live in and how you can use it to its maximum potential.

Madeline spent six years at Bully Pulpit Interactive, where she managed $100 million in advertising spend on behalf of the Obama 2012 campaign, raised millions of dollars for progressive organizations through donor acquisition, helped defend the Affordable Care Act, and was a key staff member in the growing firm. But despite her love for media buying and planning, over time she became disappointed in the lack of momentum and innovation in Democratic campaign politics. That's why she started Rufus And Mane.

In her free time, Madeline sings with the Grammy-award winning Washington Chorus, with whom you can find her premiering pieces, recording albums, or performing at the Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall. Recently, she had the honor of serving as an adjunct professor at her alma mater, the George Washington University, as part of the School of Media and Public Affairs.

Madeline got her start in politics as a field intern for Congressman Jim Himes' first campaign.